Welcome to a special devotional time!

Jesus’ final week was one that will never be forgotten. It began filled with joy
and excitement and seemed to end with death and despair—that is, until
Resurrection Sunday. Through this series of readings in the gospels, the
attached video devotion, and the response points given, you are encouraged
to take time each day to reflect upon all that Jesus faced during his final
week and rejoice in all that he accomplished through his life, death, and

Daily Devotion

Sunday, April 2

The Great Parade

Jesus Rides into Jerusalem

Matthew 21:1-11

Take a few minutes to lift up the name of Jesus

Monday, April 3

A Heart for the Nations

Jesus Clears the Temple

Mark 11:12-26

Pray for the gospel message to reach the nations of the world

Tuesday, April 4

On the Hot Seat

Jesus Questioned by the Religious Leaders

Matthew 21:23-46

Ask God to fill your heart with faith and love for him and for others

Wednesday, April 5

A Beautiful Thing...A Sinister Thing

Jesus Anointed and Judas Decides to Betray

Matthew 26:1-16

Pray Psalm 139:23-24 and Psalm 51:10, asking God to purify your heart.

Thursday, April 6

A Changing Atmosphere

Jesus Eats His Final Meal, Prays in the Garden, and Is Arrested

Mark 14:12-52 and Philippians 3:10

Pray that God would give you strength to persevere in your faith.

Friday, April 7

The Storm Rolls In

Jesus Crucified and Buried

Matthew 27:1-61

Take time to consider the darkness of this day then, and thank God for his great love as seen in the cross of Christ.

Saturday, April 8

The Day of Rest

Jesus In the Tomb

Matthew 27:62-66; Luke 23:55-56

Take a few minutes to just rest quietly in the presence of God.

Sunday, April 9

From Death to Life

Jesus Raised From the Dead

Luke 24:1-49

Ask God to fill you a new with the power of Christ’s resurrection!