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We believe in the importance of the Bible for every believer’s life. Currently our Sunday morning classes are working through the “Bible Engagement Project,” a curriculum designed to help students learn and apply to their lives the truths of the Bible. Classes meet at 9:00 am each Sunday and are offered in both English and Spanish.


Our Wednesday night Bible study / prayer meetings provide a blessed space for individuals to gather and strengthen their faith. These gatherings typically include reading and discussing passages from the Bible as well as specific topics, deepening one’s understanding of spiritual teachings. In the spirit of fellowship, participants join in worship, prayer, seeking guidance and blessings. These midweek gatherings offer a moment of respite and reflection, fostering a sense of community and devotion among those who attend.


Throughout the year, we offer a variety of classes, conferences, and retreats for the purpose of helping our congregation and friends grow in their life as followers of Jesus. Some of these classes are held in-person at the church while others are held online. 

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